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A Toast to Younger with Younger!


We are releasing Pliny the Younger, as planned, tomorrow at 11am at our Pub in Santa Rosa! I hear many people are traveling here for the Release, so I am really glad we planned ahead this year to make it last for 2 weeks! We also just released Sanctification for the first time in 375ml bottles- tasty beer in a new cute bottle!

You may have already heard, but our friend, Don Younger, passed away last Monday in Portland, Oregon. Don would have owned and operated Horse Brass Pub for 35 years this year. He was doing this long before many of us were old enough to drink beer, or perhaps even born. Don was, and will always be, a true pioneer, an original Publican, and absolute legend. So we dedicate this year’s batch of Pliny the Younger to you, old friend! Here is one of my favorite Don Younger quotes, when asked if he would like to have breakfast at Willie Bird’s:

“The closest thing I get to bacon for breakfast is a Blind Pig!”

Cheers to you, Don!