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Final Countdown to Pliny the Younger!


While the rest of the Bay Area is all about Super Bowl 50, we are on the final countdown to our Pliny the Younger release this Friday!  Super Bowl Sunday just might end up being the best day to visit our pub during the release given all the football madness surrounding us. We shall see...

Pliny the Younger will be available at our brewpub February 5th-18th, 2016! I would like to get a few housekeeping details out of the way in case you are planning to join us. There are not many changes this year other than we are cracking down on the line-cutting issues. The majority of our visitors are civilized and polite members of society.  But there is always that one guy or group that kind of screws it up for the rest of us.  Anyone planning to visit over the next 2 weeks needs to arrive with their entire party at the same time. After establishing your space in line with our staff and those around you (which is most important), then, one-at-a-time, grab a coffee, get a haircut, shop in our local businesses, or nap in the car. If it is unclear to us if someone has or has not taken cuts, we will defer judgment to the court of public opinion standing in line behind the offending party!  We have additional security this year to ensure everyone is having a fun and safe time while patiently waiting to get in to our pub! 

It looks like the weather is going to be nice for the first week of Younger, which is a big change from years past!  No need for ponchos or rain gear, but it will definitely be chilly.  It also means that our outside seating area will be available, thereby adding more seats!  Local and Bay Area distribution for Younger begins February 11th (post Super Bowl chaos).  Distributors will pick up their kegs shortly thereafter.  It will likely be available at many of the same places as last year.  For more info on Younger, please follow this link to a special page on our website. 


Short blog today- it's a busy week around here as you can imagine!  I do hope to see some of you over the next couple of weeks here in Santa Rosa.  Thank you so much for your many years of support and waiting patiently in line to drink our beer!  It is truly humbling.

Cheers to you for a fabulous 2016!


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Summer Update from RRBC

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Happy Holidays 2013

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014! 

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Holiday Greetings from RRBC!

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