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Beer Camp Across America is here!


Vinnie and I are about to embark on 2 fun weeks of Beer Camp Across America!    Just wanted to give you a bit more information about our participation for those who are curious...

RRBC is participating in the following festivals (Vinnie will miss Denver, but I will be there):

7/19- Sierra Nevada in Chico, CA

7/20- San Diego, CA

7/25- Denver, CO

8/2- Philadelphia, PA

Vinnie and I will also be attending (but not pouring) the final festival at Sierra Nevada’s new brewery in Mills River, NC, on Sunday, August 3rd. We are only pouring in the states where we distribute due to logistical and legal complications.  We can’t just ship our beer into a state where we are NOT licensed to do business without going through all kinds of expense and hassle.  Plus we don’t have the manpower, time, or beer to participate in all 7 festivals! 

We are pouring Supplication and Pliny the Elder at each festival.  Sierra Nevada is pouring all 12 Beer Camp beers.  The 12-pack is hitting shelves now nationwide and just arrived in Sonoma County this week!  Yesterday we received several kegs of our collaboration beer which we tapped right away at the pub. Since this beer is technically produced by Sierra Nevada, we cannot legally fill growlers to go.   But it is on tap now, along with HopFather and 20 other beers!  The sampler set overfloweth. 

Our collaboration beer is called Yvan the Great (pronounced like Yvonne).  It is an homage to our friend, Yvan de Baets, the co-owner and brewer of Brasserie de la Senne in Brussels.  This beer was inspired by his outstanding Taras Boulba.  It is a very dry, hoppy Belgian-style Blonde Ale with 6.3% ABV and 50 IBU's.

I will post some photos of our adventures on Facebook.  Vinnie and I will be hopping on and off the beautiful tour bus throughout the 2 week journey.  Hope to see some of you on our travels!

Check out the website for all the scoop on Beer Camp Across America!