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Don the Younger and a Pink Guitar!



The beautiful custom Ribbecke electric guitar has arrived! And it’s amazing! Raffle tickets are on sale at the pub. Victor, from The Famous, is going to ROCK out with it next Saturday, October 22nd, during their show! He just wants to make sure it works for the lucky winner ;-)We will draw for the guitar, bike, and scooter all on October 29th! I think I might take guitar lessons now…

As many of you know, our friend and publican, Don Younger, passed away in January of this year. He owned the iconic Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregon, for nearly 35 years. Last year he asked Vinnie to make a beer for the Pub’s 35th Anniversary Party in November, 2011. He asked for a hoppy, low alcohol session ale. And he wanted us to call it “Don the Younger”! Sadly, Don won’t be making it to the party at Horse Brass, but we honored his wishes and made his beer for the Horse Brass 35th Anniversary anyway! Don the Younger is currently on tap at our pub in Santa Rosa, and is shipping to Horse Brass next week. I’m not sure when they are tapping it, but you can check their website! Don the Younger will only be available for toasting at the two pubs. We really hope this beer is exactly what Don would have wanted!