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Beatification Helps Ease Email Woes


March 2, 2012

It came to our attention just yesterday that any emails sent to us from the Contact Us page have NOT come to our inbox.  Apparently this has been the case since the new website launched around January 20th.  Vinnie and I would like to extend our sincere apologies to anyone who has emailed us a question and not heard back.  We feel it is a big part of our customer service to respond to nearly every email we receive, and this was truly something big that fell through the virtual cracks.  The volume of emails went down dramatically, but we were receiving some so it appeared things were working.  We were hoping the new website was just answering everyone's questions!  Anyway, our web folks are trying to retrieve the emails, so far with no luck.  Feel free to resubmit your questions if you did not find the answer yet!  Again, our sincere apologies.  We were not intentionally ignoring you.

Happy Friday, everyone!  We have all worked really hard this week (year) and you probably have, too.  So let's talk about our next batch of Beatification to end the week on a high note!  With this next batch, which would have been Batch 5, we have changed the way we are "tracking" it by replacing the Batch # with the actual Bottling Date.  This batch, bottled on January 10, 2012 (pictured below), will be released at our Brewpub in Downtown Santa Rosa on Friday March 30th when we open at 11am!  Normally we do not release production numbers, particularly with small-batch releases, but Vinnie and I have decided to make an exception this time.  We made about 1,000 cases of this batch.  Although it is 20 times more beer than Batch 4 (you know, the one that ran out in 15 minutes!), we have decided to make this a Brewpub ONLY release.  Beatification has really become one of our in-house specialty beers and we plan to keep it that way, at least for now.  There will be a 6 bottle limit per person, and the price will remain the same.  We bottled ALL of it (so no draft), but there will be plenty of chilled bottles for your enjoyment at the pub!  And we have no idea how long it will last- the crystal ball is out for repairs!  Thank you, in advance, for respecting our wishes and not reselling this beer to anyone for any reason.   But feel free to share as much as you are willing!


Notice the "Bottled On" date instead of Batch #.  Now that I have this open bottle of Beatification, it's Friday, and it's been a very long week, I am signing off!