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More on the Anniversary Party and Photos


This Saturday, April 7th, is our Anniversary Party with The Famous taking the stage at 9pm!  Show is Free, of course.  We are offering Happy Hour prices all day Saturday and Sunday.  And FREE SHIPPING on all internet orders for the entire month of April (for those of you who can't make it to Santa Rosa!).  And we still have Beatification available and expect to have it through the weekend (no guarantees, though).   Had some technical difficulties adding photos to my blog yesterday:



Original employees: James, Brena, Me, Vinnie, and Drew yesterday, April 3, 2012.  Missing Keti and Gabe in photo. 



Jerry, Me, Jim, and Vinnie pouring the very first beers April 3, 2004!  Who knows how many millions of pints we have poured since that day!  That is little Elyse Arterburn sitting at the bar.  She is almost old enough to work for us now!


Vinnie, our original business partner Jerry, my cousin Inga, and Uncle Curt in the background. Peter, Todd, Mike, and Justin were our first customers!