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October was a smashing success!


If you did not hear from me on October 29th at 10pm, you did not win the bike, the guiter, or the scooter. But your generous donation went to a really great cause, which I will be presenting to the Sutter Breast Care Center in the form of a really BIG CHECK Thursday, November 10th, at 7:30pm! Congratulations to Janell for winning the scooter (3-time cancer survivor, lifelong dream was to own a motorcycle), Jim in Phillie for winning the guitar (totally excited about his custom guitar), and Kat for winning the bicycle (local cyclist, very excited)! We are all winners for helping people who can’t afford mammograms or get treatment for Breast Cancer.

I will post the final amount, pictures, and lots of Thank Yous on Thursday night. I don’t want ruin the surprise for the Breast Care Center. I don’t like to see people cry, but I kind of hope they do!!!