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Pliny the Younger Has Left Santa Rosa!


As of shortly after 4pm today, our brewpub in Santa Rosa is officially OUT of Pliny the Younger! We made it last for 14 days, as promised, running out each day anywhere from 3pm to not at all! Thank you to everyone who came from afar to stand in line and enjoy it right from the source. Everything went much smoother this year, and our staff had a great time serving you!


In addition, all kegs of Younger have been delivered to our local accounts or shipped to our distributors, with the exception of Seattle and Portland, whose allotment will ship out next week. At this point, we really don’t know who still has it or who will be getting it in the Northwest. All we know is Pliny the Younger is no longer available at our brewery but will return in 2012!

Natalie and Vinnie