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Pliny the Younger Release 2012 Update!


February 7, 2012

The first 4 days of the annual return of Pliny the Younger has been outstanding!  Though the lines have been quite long (up to a 5 hour wait over the weekend), the weather has held up for us... until this morning.  But I did see a few hearty souls in their camping chairs and rain gear huddled up next to the building waiting to be the first inside to drink Younger from the source!  Kudos to you die-hard beer fans!

Quick recap: we have not run out of Younger until last call each night.  At that time of the evening, no one should really be drinking anymore Younger regardless!  We did run out of Pliny the Elder bottles on Sunday, but bottled more yesterday and are fully stocked up again.  We are also out of Damnation 23 bottles, but we will have to wait for another 20 or so batches to get more of that!  BUT, as of this morning, we have 21 beers on tap at the pub!  That sets a new record!  We had to remove taps of Cider to accommodate our current amazing beer selection, but oh well.

If you are planning on making the trek this weekend you can most likely expect to stand in line for a while.  Once inside, there is plenty to eat, drink, and enjoy our newly remodeled pub!  I will leave you with some photos from Friday the 3rd:


Corey Reich and his entourage with me and Vinnie preopening Friday!



Keti and Jordan seating the guys from San Jose- they were in line at 5:45am!



Rooftop view of Vinnie and the line on Friday!



Amir getting psyched for the day (after a shot of Younger, that is!)



Nice job on the board, Angie!



What are you serving there, Michael?