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Santa Rosa getting Younger is just 2 weeks!


Santa Rosa will be getting a little Younger in just 2 weeks!  Pliny the Younger will be tapped at our brewpub at 11am February 1st and will be available for 14 days until Valentine's Day!  A certain amount will be allotted for each day so we can make it last the entire 2 weeks.  Last year we mostly ran out late evenings or sometimes not at all.  This just in: The Flamingo Hotel has graciously offered a special "Pliny the Younger" rate for our out of town visitors!  How nice was that?!  Check out the Brewpub section on our website for details about The Flamingo as well as other lodging recommendations.  In regards to which accounts will be receiving Pliny the Younger, we have not set those allocations yet but will do so in the next week.  We will have a list available at the pub during our 2 weeks of Younger.  We are also sending a few kegs to our distributors on their regular February shipments.  But at this time, we don't know who else is getting what and when (other than our pub!).  I imagine most Bay Area accounts will likely tap their kegs during SF Beer Week which kicks off February 8th.  Of course, we kindly ask all of our accounts to tap it in February so the beer is served at it's best!  We look forward to seeing some of you in just a couple of weeks!  Cheers!