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Season's Greetings 2012


Season's Greetings from beer and wine country! Our cute little elves, Brena and Aura, are merrily shipping your orders of shirts and hats and glassware around the country every day.  It's been our biggest year ever for online gift shop purchases!   Thank you to everyone who has included us in your gift-giving this Holiday Season!


Brena Kennedy and Aura Helwick - RRBC brewery elves in their "workshop".


So the questions, phone calls and emails are already coming in regarding you know what, so here is the scoop:  Pliny the Younger will be released at our brewpub in Downtown Santa Rosa on February 1st, 2013 (always the first Friday in February)!  Younger will be available on tap in 10 ounce glasses (no growlers or bottles) for 2 weeks, or 14 days.  We will allocate a certain amount each day until we run out for the day.  Last year we had very few days where we ran out at all!  The last day we will have it at the pub will be February 14th.  Last year the wait was up to 5 hours, and sometimes there was no wait at all.  It's a bit unpredictable, however, except on weekends where you can definitely expect the longest wait.  We have learned that waiting in line can be fun and can even lead to new relationships, especially after several glasses of Younger!  So please use the buddy system while getting "Younger" at our pub (your friends will hopefully look out for you!).   As far as distribution is concerned, we usually start distributing a small amount of kegs to our accounts and distributors right after we release it at the pub.  We are planning to brew the same amount this year and release the same quantities for distribution, but who gets what is yet to be determined.  First batch of Younger will be brewed this Thursday at the pub!  I saw the man himself hand-selecting this year's Younger hops just last week... artist or mad scientist?  Probably a lot of both :-)

Last but not least, on behalf of everyone here at Russian River Brewing Company, we would like to thank you for another wonderful year and wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!  Cheers!



Russian River Brewing Co. Christmas Party December 10, 2012!!!