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Sutter Accepts “The Really Big Check”!


Greetings from Santa Rosa on this rainy Veterans Day! I have a lot to say in 10 minutes, so I will keep it brief. First, thank you to all our Veterans for serving our country! Your service is invaluable and appreciated.

So last night we presented the “Big Check” to the Breast Care Center! The total donation for October 2011 is…..


Needless-to-say, the Breast Care Center was surprised and delighted with our donation! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We could not have made that crazy number without you!

Also, thank you to the following people and businesses who contributed in some way last month (I may not list everyone, so anyone I leave out will be thanked personally):

Melinda for dying my hair pink once a week all month
Roy and Johnna at Revolution Moto
Kevin and Timmy at Ribbecke Guitars
Cambria Bicycle Outfitters
Clone Digital Print and Copy
Tom Peters- Monk’s Cafe
Willie Birds
Annie Alderson
Suzanne from Virginia
Wild Card Belly Dance
The Famous and their Yard Sale
All the bands for passing the tip jar
Every single Russian River Brewing employee for their enthusiasm and extra effort every October!

One quick thing about Pliny the Younger- we will be releasing it at the pub on February 3, 2012. It will be available for 14 days, no growlers, we are not bottling it, and it will be distributed in limited amounts as usual. I will provide more later as it gets closer, but that is all the information available right now! So no need to email us as we don’t know anything else at this time. We haven’t even made it!

Well, I gotta run! We are driving to Mendocino for our annual mushroom and beer dinner at Little River Inn tonight. Happy Birthday Dad! And Happy Birthday Ken and Katie Grossman! We get to have a beer with all of them on their special day today in Mendocino :-)

Natalie and Vinnie