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There’s Good Beer and Pink Hair in Santa Rosa!


Greetings from rainy Santa Rosa! Things are going swimmingly at our pub this first week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We kicked things off in style with the Breast Care Center on Monday and have already raised lots of money. Good news- the Framboise has NOT sold out the last 2 days, so we continue to add to each days allocation. So if you are planning a trip to Santa Rosa this weekend or next week, it appears we will have plenty available! I will absolutely keep you posted throughout the month.

I forgot to tell you that we released Damnation 23 on draft and in the bottles at the pub! We will be distributing some on draft and in bottles, but only in California. We don’t quite have enough to ship out of state this batch. AND the newest batch of Temptation is on tap and in bottles and also being shipped out to our accounts in all 5 states in which we distribute. But if you do come to the pub for the Framboise, you can fill up the rest of your box with Damnation 23 and Temptation (no limit on those)! The weather should be nicer this weekend. I hope so for the sake of the grape-growers!

We have had to implement an allocation on Pliny and Blind Pig bottles. We were running out everyday at the pub and having to cut into our distribution allocation, thus making our distributors and accounts very unhappy. In order to try to share what little beer we have, there is now a 12 bottle limit per person, up to 1 case per group. Our other bottled beers are not allocated, so have at it! Here is a friendly reminder to bar, restaurant, and store owners: it is illegal to purchase alcohol retail and resell it in your establishment. I’m surprised how many liquor license holders don’t know that it is a $10,000 fine and a potential license suspension if you are caught by the ABC. Please resist the temptation if you can’t get our beer for your store or bar- it’s just not worth the risk!

I will leave you with a couple of fun pictures…

Great American Beer Festival 2011- Vinnie, Jack McAuliffe (New Albion), Chris and Cheryl Black (Falling Rock), Don Barkley (New Albion, Mendocino, and Napa Smith), Me, and Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada). Pretty cool to have everyone in our booth at the same time!


Clint getting in the spirit of things! Real men dye their hair pink!