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Those Lazy Days of Summer…


I don’t know about you, but this summer has been anything but lazy for us! Yes, it has been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged! And for that, I do apologize. If it weren’t for all the great beer Vinnie and our brewers are making, I might have more time on my hands!

What has been going on for the past several months? In general, we are still brewing at capacity, selling everything we make, and our pub is packed most of the time. We are still not taking on any new accounts or distributing in new markets. Heck, we can barely keep our pub fully stocked!

Vinnie has been working hard on new recipes because that is what he does best! We just released a beer he has wanted to make pretty much his whole life. It is a low-alcohol “winemaker’s session ale” for our winemaking friends to get them through harvest. This new seasonal beer is appropriately called “It Takes A Lot of Great Beer To Make Great Wine”. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but worth the effort! On tap now at our pub ONLY and available to go in 500ml bottles. A big thanks to our brewer Al for the original and beautiful artwork he did for the label!

We are in the midst of renovations at our pub in Santa Rosa. Last Monday we closed for a much-needed deep cleaning. I learned we should probably do that more often than once every seven years. As a result of that cleaning day, we removed all of the burlap that was used for acoustical treatments and through the dusty old bags away. It’s going to be a bit noisier than usual for a while, but I’m very excited about the changes! We purchased a bunch of old redwood wine tank wood from Foppiano Winery in Healdsburg which will become bench seating and tables (recycling and reusing!). And we have come up with more attractive acoustical treatments for the pub which will make it sound better than ever! But, for now, please pardon our noisy space and renovations. It’s a gradual transition which we will complete on Thanksgiving Day!

October is just around the corner and most of you know what that means! I bought the Pink Vespa last week, Ribbecke Guitars is working away on yet another beautiful custom guitar, and Vinnie made a little more Framboise For The Cure this year! So we are gearing up for yet another awesome October. Of course, I will give you all the details as it all comes together. But for now, the Framboise will only be available at the pub sometime in October, there will be a limit, and we will have a long philosophical conversation on what will happen to people who even think about putting that beer on Ebay!

That’s all for now. I promise it will not be so ridiculously long until the next time you hear from me!