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Update on the Beatification Relase March 30, 2012


It's 4pm on Friday and the Beatification Release is going very well!  The bottles sales only tactic seemed to go very smoothly and we were able to get everyone what they wanted who stood in line.  We had a line to get into the pub until almost 3pm.  Fortunately, the weather held up pretty well- mostly light drizzle and a little chilly.  I did an analysis on our average case sales per hour of Beatification and it will be physically impossible for us to run out today, and likely not even until late tomorrow or Sunday :-)

Tomorrow will be business as usual.  The pub opens at 11am.  Maybe there won't be a line- who knows?   If you are planning a trip to see us, please be prepared for rain as it is headed our way!  We will put out a couple of easy-ups which will cover maybe 20 people.  So bring your rain gear!

Thank you, again for enjoying our beer and not reselling it!  It is illegal and disrespectful.   Yes, I did see the bottle of Beatification on Ebay yesterday and I have forwarded the listing to the proper authorities, along with the case of Pliny on Craig's List :-)  Thanks for looking out for us!