Hoppy Blonde Ale


Since 2012 Natalie and Vinnie have been eyeing experimental hop HBC-692 at the experimental hopyard at Select Botanical’s in Yakima, WA. It particularly struck a chord with them because of its distinctive pink grapefruit aroma. One of the highlights of the their annual trip to Yakima for hop selection is “rubbing” or smelling this hop. We chose to brew a hoppy Blonde Ale to really showcase the hop character.  This batch also includes Citra, Crystal and Comet hops.  Apical Dominance has a beautiful grapefruit/citrus and melon aroma, with mild bitterness, and a lingering finish.


Windsor and Santa Rosa pubs only (no distribution), draft and bottles, limited-release

Original Gravity: 1.055
Alcohol by Volume: 6.25%
Color: Straw
Bitterness: Mild